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RX 580 / Ryzen 1600 CSGO Performance Issues

Question asked by hundreds100 on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2018 by hundreds100

Hello all, As a new member of the PC gaming community I'm quite well stumped. I just built this computer, specifications will be down below. AAA game titles seem to work without much trouble at all BioShock Infinite I can easily surpass 60FPS, DOOM Vulkan past 100 FPS, Rise of the Tomb Raider scored 61 FPS on the benchmark. So why am I making this post if I am getting well respectable results? Well simply put Counter Strike Global Offensive I cannot surpass 144 fps or even get the FPS stable past 60. Frame rates go from as high as 130fps to as low as 40fps and I am scratching my head as to why. On games like Team Fortress 2, I got similar results could hardly ever hit 60 FPS even with VSync on, Left 4 Dead 2 never went under 60 and ranged from about 60-120. So what I am trying to figure out is if this is a source engine problem or a GPU setting issue. I have turned on high performance in the Windows Power Settings. One weird thing I have noticed however is Afterburner GPU usage is always at 16% no matter what I run but some have said it is a driver issue that causes that inaccurate read in Afterburner. Just to be sure I used CPUZ hardware monitor and I was surpassing 16% usage.


Here are my specs:

Ryzen 5 1600: OC to 3.8ghz

MSI Armor RX 580 4GB OC Edition

MSI B350 Mortar Arctic Micro ATX

Corsair Vengence LPX 3200mhz 2X8GB= 16GB (Underclocked to 2667mhz due to compatibility issues)



Here are my Radeon and CSGO settings:


Any help is super appreciated.