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    Steam BSOD with 17.10.1731 drivers on HD7970: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA


      I'd let this tower go dark for a while and I've been trying to ramp up using it again.


      Then I run into this: a BSOD due to "ati..." (thought it was ati??mgr.exe, but cannot confirm), giving PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA.

      So far it has only happened with playing Fallout Shelter, a free game on Steam (2D though may be using 3D tools), a couple times a week/40ish play hours.  So I stopped using the video card and have been relying only on onboard Intel graphics.  At least it doesn't crash.


      A couple days ago I got fed up with the situation and went to report the problem to Steam: I opened their client on the HD7970, filled in the blanks, then agreed to let it do a system (scan?) and clicked the button: IMMEDIATE BSOD through the video card - the Intel graphics powers my main display monitor and it froze but kept displaying the desktop while the HD7970 was all BSOD.  I was so shocked that I don't remember much from that: it could have been the same PAGE_FAULT_... due to ati..., but I'm not 100%.

      I filled out a bug report to Steam in a browser instead and they said it was a video card problem.


      So I'm here.


      I tried the troubleshooting directions:


      1) DSIM doesn't work: mine doesn't recognize /RestoreHealth, and without it, it gives Error 87

      2) SFC /SCANNOW comes back saying it didn't find any integrity violations

      3) I had run all essential Windows updates 4 weeks ago - didn't help.  Now I've run all Windows essential and optional updates except for the Intel graphics update which gives an error, so that is hidden now per MS's community.

      4) I just downloaded and ran the AMD Detection Utility, and it correctly says I have the 17.10.1731 drivers installed (also installed 4 weeks ago), and lists the optional 17.6.2 driver - what's that for?

      5) Also tried looking at CrashDump/RadeonSettings.exe for the 3 saved dumps, but that doesn't seem to list the ati dll/exe/whatever it is shown on the BSOD.

      6) Additionally the AMD Crash Report Wizard crashes when I try running it. "could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "windows" \nin "".


      What's next?



      • AMD Radeon card: PowerColor HD7970 3GB GDDR5 V3
      • Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD5H w i7-4770K, 16GB RAM
      • 64-bit Windows 7 Pro, SP 1
      • 1000 watt XFX quiet PS
      • Thermaltake Soprano V0900 "quiet" case



      P.S. This card seems like it can't shed any heat - it likes to idle at 37C, with a bit of use stays at 71C, and can't get below 59C after that without unplugging the monitor. (using OpenHardwareMonitor)