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    Recently I installed Rx 560, and Trine 2 got black screen.


      I was using Radeon HD 6700, and recently bought a new graphic card, Sapphire pule Rx 560 OC 2gb d5.

      Other games are working perfectly, except one game, Trine 2.


      The screen goes black and returns several times (but the game continues, I hear the music), and, the game crashes saying this.


      Unhandled exception


      Exception code: 0xc0000005

      Address: 0x6767F1CD in d3dx9_38.dll:6767F000

      Related modules: d3dx9_38.dll trine2_32bit.exe lua.dll KERNEL32.DLL ntdll.dll


      D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Trine 2\log\trine2_32bit.exe_64fc8625.dmp

      Press CTRL+C to copy this message



      And I try to re-run the game, a message box says this


      Failed to initialize hadware accelerated D3D device.

      This is unrecoverable error and will cause the application to exit.


      I've tried to run

      /w admin mode, windowed mode, minimum graphic options, other resolutions, other resfreshes(60Hz, 59Hz these things), and v-sync on or off.

      But didn't work.

      And also I tried with the 17.4.4 driver, and 17.6.2 (i dont rememeber but, it's the lastest driver)

      Ah. and tried to low down the GPU clock, because my graphic card is factory-overclocked.



      Here's my system


      Windows 10 Pro

      AMD FX 4100 (3.6gHz)

      8gb rams

      RX 560 OC 2gb d5 (Sapphire pulse)

      And the mother board DOESN'T have pci express x3, it's x2.