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gpu usage drop cause bad stuttering

Question asked by dansoul on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by rebelyell

Hi, as the title says I have a problem with amd drivers. I'll try to explain what happens at my best.

My PC has been recently upgraded and is composed of: AMD R7 1700X, AsRock x370 Taichi (latest bios 2.40 with agesa 1006), G. Skill Flare x 3200Mhz cl 14, PSU Corsair AX860i, Sapphire radeon R9 290 Tri-X, SSD SanDisk Extreme Pro II 480Gb, monitor asus mg278q Freesync.


Freesync monitor so all games are running without v-sync.  Battlefield 1 ultra,  Civilization 6 high settings with msaa2x, Dark Souls 3 max settings. All the games are running very good between 40-60 fps but, once in an hour or so, GPU usage suddenly drops down to 0% and then every games reacts in its own way: Battlefield 1 gets full ten seconds of bad stuttering with any input heavily delayed, Civ 6 crashes and asks to send report, Dark Souls 3 completely freezes for 2-3 second. After the problem both Dark Souls 3 and BF1 restart running normally for another hour or so.

This problem started to show when I upgraded my PC to Ryzen R7 1700X. Previously I had the same R9 290 card running fine on an Intel I5-4690k and Z97 system. I have also tried switching motherboard and GPU on the new build:

- tried motherboard Gigabyte X370 gaming 5 and AsRock X370 Taichi -> same problem;

- tried with a brand new RX 580 -> same problem;

- tried with an nVidia GTX 970 -> no problem at all, games were running fine for hours at about same fps of my 290;

- tried many drivers from 17.4.4 to latest 17.6.2 -> all have the same issue;

- tried formatting windows 10 anniversary and/or creators update -> same issue;



I think this is a problem in the amd driver code that absolutely needs fixing.