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    R9 380 Random Green Screen Crash


      Describe your system:

      • AMD Graphics Card
        • AMD R9 380x
      • Desktop or Laptop System
        • Desktop, custom
      • Operating System
        • Windows 10 64bit
      • Driver version installed
        • Trying to install Crimson Edition 16.6
      • Display Devices
        • Lenovo, HDMIOne line for each display device connected
      • Motherboard
        • ASUS H110M-A
      • CPU/APU
        • Intel Core i5 6500 3.2GHz
      • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
        • EVGA 600B 600W 80+ Bronze
      • RAM
        • 8GB

      Describe Your Issue

      My computer will randomly go to a solid green screen while playing games or more infrequently while browsing the internet or word processing. There are some games where this almost never happens (Blizzard games) and some where it happens more frequently. For example, at the moment I am playing Dragon Age II and the game will sometimes go to green screen as soon as I start playing, after 15 minutes, or after an hour or two. It seems completely random. Other games I usually have several hours if not more but eventually it always crashes to green screen and then sound hangs. This has happened on two separate R 390 cards as I RMA'd the first one for green screens as well and vertical white lines on boot up screen. I have the most recent drivers installed. I've tested the RAM. I've run several benchmarks and it never crashes during those. Temps are ok. I've tried most drivers but they all crash. I'm at the end of my rope here. Any help would be appreciated.

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          I have a similar problem with rx 480, my specs are:


          AMD Graphics Card - AMD RX480 Nitro+


          Desktop or Laptop System - Desktop


          Operating System - Up to date Windows 10 64bit


          Driver version installed - 17.6.3


          DisplayDevices - DELL U2414H


          Motherboard - Gigabyte990 FXA-UD3


          CPU/APU - FX 8350 4.0 Ghz


          RAM - 16GB


          It's a green screen that appears flashing at 10 seconds intervals and it is totally.random. I found that if I shut down my monitor for 10 seconds the problem goes away.


          We need a better solution.

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            Try the troubleshooting steps listed in the document below, and updating to Crimson 17.6.2.

            Troubleshooting Common AMD Graphics Driver Installation Problems

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              I'm experiencing the same issue as you described in your original post. Have you had any luck solving the green screen problem in the past year?

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                  Hello, I have same green screen problem since I acquired my rx480.


                  The info I have:


                  My green screen appears only if I shut down the monitor and turn it on again.


                  To solve it, I turn off the monitor for a second and turn it on again. Then the green screen disappears.


                  I have a dell U2414 monitor, I think that it could.be some driver issue related to the monitor and the hdmi input, but I don't know. I tested another display (tv) and had no problems, also never had this problem through steam link.


                  What monitor do you have?

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                  I also have this problem with my ASUS RX480 8 Gig card. It has been a constant problem (no matter what I am doing be it, gaming, browsing or just the PC displaying the desktop) ever since I bought it. I too use a HDMI port. I don't know at this point if it's driver or hardware related. I've tried different power supplies, cables and even displays to no avail. I do know when I update my drivers it seems to stop or be less frequent, but sooner or later it always comes back, sometimes requiring a hard reset to bring the display back. Also, some drivers seem worse than others. AMD really need to look into this problem and determine if it's hardware or software related, or even both, as it seems to occur on a whole range of cards. At this point I am considering returning my card to the manufacturer as enough is enough.

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                    I also have the green screen problem with multiple driver versions...

                    Gigabyte Radeon R9 380 Windforce

                    So there is still no solution for this problem?

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                        Yep, no solution. I gave up. Won't be buying from this company again.

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                          Having now changed my monitor its now a black screen I see instead of a green one. Regardless of the colour, it's an issue that just does not go away. AMD don't even mention it in the release notes for their drivers. Are they just ignoring this problem with the RX series of cards then?

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                              Hello, just solved the issue a few weeks ago.


                              The problem I had was related with the monitor (Dell brand), NOT THE GRAPHICS CARD.


                              Uninstalling the dell display manager program solved the issue.

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                                  Good to hear, that you solved your problem. Sadly this can't be the solution to mine. I have two monitor from acer and don't have a extra display manager program. So I am still pretty sure that this is graphic card related.

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                                      You also can try to to disable ulps with trixx software or google how to do it manually.


                                      My problem was pretty specific, maybe it's not the same exact issue. The problematic behavior I was experiencing was that If I shot down the monitor and turned it on again (in windows desktop for example), it would flash a green screen at 5 seconds intervals aprox. I had to reset the system to eliminate the green flashes. If I turned down the refresh rate the flashing was faster. I have 2 monitors connected and if I duplicated the screen, the flashes ocurred only on the Dell monitor (the other is a toshiba tv, both connected via hdmi).


                                      I have tested the monitor for 2 weeks and no more green flashes so I am pretty sure the problem was caused by the dell display manager program. You can try to disable other programs that may be managing your display properties.


                                      After more than a year with this issue, it was so simple to solve that I feel dumb. Also I feel bad because I thought it was amd's fault and finally it wasn't, I was pretty mad at them and I was almost ready to send the card to rma, but thank god I found the solution. I hope that you solve your issues too.


                                      Good luck.

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                                        Just an update. As of driver version 18.7.1 I've not encountered the flickering black screen as yet, touch wood. However I cant use my preferred display resolution anymore of 1600x900. That gave me the best compromise over picture quality and useability on my display, a Philips HDTV via HDMI. Now I have to run in a lower setting of 1360x768. The older drivers could handle 1600x900 no problem, expect for the black screens.