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How can i install uninstalled amd driver

Question asked by farzan on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by farzan

my laptop's information:

Win 8.1 64-bit - Lenovo G510 laptop - 6 GB RAM - Intel core i5 - AMD Radeon HD 8570M - Intel HD-4600 - 2GB Graphics

My problem started when i tried to update my windows.when update finished my EXPLORER.EXE coudn't works so i did a System restore to fix that.

But it wasn't fixed and also my AMD drivers didn't worked.

I tried to fix t i went to Device manager and it was there with a yellow alert.

So i uninstalled it and reboot my pc and it have gone.

So i reinstalled my windows my EXPLORER.EXE fixed but i tried every AMD driver to install on my laptop but it wasnt installed.

My Graphics in game from 2 GB became 1.7 GB and i had lag in games.

So why the drivers wont be install?

I didnt tried to update my new windows.

So help me to recover my amd drivers and good FPS in games back! What shold i do?

Sorry about my bad English