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amd radeon 6770m Driver missing after install, can't find right driver?

Question asked by eminem2ka9 on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by kingfish

can't seem to find the right driver for my amd radeon 6770m card, my computer make is HP dv7. I can only ever get the stock driver to work that installs itself and all drivers on HPs website for this card are over 6 years old. Crimson driver included gives me these errors, the install almost always says the package has failed to install. Minecraft has glitch problems and i know they are all related to the graphics card. I tried going in to safe mode, using driver uninstall software then going back to non-safe mode and installing, but these errors and 'no graphics card' keep happening.


Should i blame Hewlett Packard?





OS: windows 7 64bit

Make: HP notebook dv7 6130ew

amd radeon 6770m 2GB    8.882.2.3000 +(switchable graphics, intel r hd)

Generic PnP monitor

Intel(tm) i5-2410m CPU 2.30ghz

4gb ram