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Several graphic issue for Ryzen R7 1700+Rx480

Question asked by annelics on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by amdmatt


Operating System:Windows 10 64bit 1703

CPU: Ryzen R7 1700 @3.8ghz

Graphics Card: STRIX-RX480-O8G-GAMING @1450mhz

Graphics Card Driver: 17.6.2 Crimson ReLive Edition 17.6.2 Optional

Display:Samsung c24f390fhe x2 with Free-sync enabled

Ram: Crucial 8x2 Dual Channel @2666mhz

Motherboard: X370 Asrock Taichi


Issue description:

A few days ago I switch my system platform from intel to amd by i5-6600 as R7 1700, and I did a clean install on operation system. Except of those, most of hardware and software version are the same between two platform. There are some issue seems to occur after I using R7 1700+Rx480 that i5-6600+Rx480 had never encountered with. The issue below has been tested carefully for numerous times.


Unusual frame drop during GPU high demanding process

Scenario: Playing ffxiv(StormBlood 4.0 Benchmark & Heavensward 3.5 in dx11 highest quality) with OBS studio recording(latest version, x264 encoding, approximate to lossless quality)


While I playing ffxiv smoothly(window borderless, highest quality, unlimited frame rate, average 60fps+) with OBS studio recording(CBR,60fps), OBS studio will encounter obviously framerate drop during recording. The odd is, still playing the game with same performance and scenario above, when I click the other window of other programs(means ffxiv is not the very top of the screen, but I set ffxiv still run in full performance with the very window not activated.), the game remains the same fps and smooth gameplay as OBS studio also recording smoothly(I can still manipulate in the game with DS4 joystick).

That means OBS recording performance could simply affect by swiching program windows, and that makes no sence! I have reset graphics card driver settings, reset CPU GPU overclock setting, reinstall driver, reset free-sync feature, and there is no improvement.

Yet I could observe that if I set limited frame rate in game to release a slight gpu load, OBS studio recording might seems to be able to get some gpu resource to get smoother enough. But this situation didn`t happen before with intel platform. However, this still can`t explain the fact that OBS recording shows frame drop or steady 60fps by just swiching windows with the game`s frame rate has almost nothing been affected and obviously consuming the same gpu load.

I`ve uploaded two demo for scenario above as simply switch DIFFERENT WINDOW during recording even in the scene that not quite performance demanding(unlimitted frame rate, fps62~64)as reference. Sorry for the quality causing huge capacity that I could only record for a few second to upload here.


Free-sync somehow didn`t work

This issue occurs randomly, I can hardly test any specific scenario. Sometimes screen tears obviously, and might solved by reset the Free-sync feature in graphic driver and monitor.


Amd external event utilities service issue(also happened with intel platform)

This service cause severe frame drop during all games(e.g. ffxiv), simply shutting down the service could get back to normal.