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Drivers Broken, amdkmdap stopped responding, BSOD's, Brightness Controls Broken.

Question asked by mobbsy on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by kingfish


Lenovo y40-80 laptop

i7 5500u @2.4ghz base

r9m275x 4gb vram

16gb ddr3 ram

running windows 10 64bit


I havent played games on my Laptop for a while now. Recently i installed Skyrim and had to install AMD drivers as the game ran a bit choppy. Doing so ive lost brightness control and from past experience enabling the generic PNP monitor causes the amd drivers to disappear so i havent enabled it. Originally I installed the 17.4.4 drivers and while starting skyrim at medium/high settings the fps was around 50-60. When the dragon attacked and i have free movement the fps plummeted to about 10-15 and i stopped and changed the graphics settings. When i went to reboot the game it went crazy (old pics but same thing, Imgur) like it always does when i install amd drivers. I get notifications that TESV.exe has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware so i assume its an antivirus thing so i got into windows defender and even that gets blocked from using graphics hardware. I've used the changeable graphics settings so i know it cant be that. After a while i decided to use DDU and uninstall the drivers after that i used this guide (Laptop graphics update...How to ) to install the 17.6.2 drivers and i did so. After installing the drivers and launching skyim the same thing happens.

I checked event viewer and it tells me that amdkmap stopped responding and has recovered. I used  Graphics driver stopped responding and has recovered....TDR fix to change the TdrDelay and ran Memtest, SFC and nothing was detected. Whilst running Driver Verifier skyrim BSOD'd instantly and i checked and nothing was flagged.

Note that also my battery level displays as "0% (plugged in, not charging)" but off charge it runs for a few hours.

I did make a previous post about the same issue but after diagnosing these issues are still presented.

Any assistance would be appreciated.