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AGESA 1006a 1403...ASuS C6H G.skill Flare x 3200mhz running @ 3600mhZ /w stock bclk the WOW factor is here..!!

Question asked by rebelyell on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by abaffledwaffle

Asus crosshair vi hero with agesa  1403 (1006a)

G.skill Flare x 3200mhz sticks

1800x 4,0ghz


This agesa update blows flare x ram to outstanding increases beyond factory specs..

I think by now most of you know how good the  flare x ram runs but i was amazed to find these 3200mhz sticks run @ 3600mhz with no base over clock bclk.  these sticks are known to run 3466mhz with a timing increas but i kept the same timings of the 3466mhz and plug in 3600mhz and boom major increase in performance on the sticks and latency dropped.


3200 72.3ns

3466 78.1ns

3600 67.7ns


check out pics below unbelievable to achieve this on 3200 sticks is wow factor.!!!


3466 epyc.JPG


3466mhz read 71ns latency.JPG



3600 finish.jpg



latency3600 finished.jpg


Even though this is huge step forward, there is more agesa tweaks that need to be finishes. i run all these with ( 1T) but we now have the option to run ( 2t ) if needed. i did a quick flash and pluged in all bios settings ans timing quickly. i still have not tweaked this sticks at all simply plug and go .. can we get a hoooooraaaahhhhh ...