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Hi, I was getting some eye strain from the led on my AMD 570 card. i scraped it off with an electical tool. Will my card still work properly. I am typing using the card now but any input is appreciated.

Question asked by wrightpt on Jun 27, 2017
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All these lights on my tower were giving me eye strain. the motherboard, Ethernet, video card, fans causing them to flicker. I scaped off an led on my RX 570 card. Will it be okay? I think i messed up my motherboard by doing this but the graphics card should be fine correct?


Like a crazy person i used an led test on the leds to test if they work and apparently this puts out 280 volts wiht extremely low current. So a local tech said it would never work again. i am surprised its working with the new motherboard.


Please advise on how to go forward please.



Also, there seems to be a red led as well that was right beside the blue led. That led is not coming on. I imagine it would if there was a problem.


much obliged.