Make better drivers or give up.

Discussion created by elpeleq42 on Jun 27, 2017

You know why intel and Nvidia are ALWAYS better in performance than AMD?Because of their D R I V E R SYou can look at ANY rank, in the top 100, 90 CPUs are intel.In GPU top 10, there will be always 60 or more Nvidia's GPUs.






It doesn't matter how many cores, how high is the clock, or how amazing is the tecnology in your product.If it doesn't communicate well with the system, IT WON'T BE BETTER.So please AMD, PLEASE, give us better drivers(not only for new CPU/GPUs but for the old ones that are still popular, like r7 260x and FX 6300), not only for windows but for Linux too.


Do it, or keep watching people say that AMD is not for games(like o heard many times)