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    Relive UI Flicker on versions above 17.3.3


      I was told to make a new thread about this, so here it is, my question is cut from the previous thread:


      Hey amdmatt

      I´ve had issues with relive for a long time and have been trying every update since 17.3.3 but none of it fixed my issues.

      Basically I play Rainbow Six Siege a lot and while the recording works fine on 17.3.3 the sound is either missing or massively delayed.

      Upgrading my driver to anything else then 17.3.3 causes Relive to stop working. I open the game and see the Instant Replay Icon flicker, it doesn´t record and desktop recording doesn´t allow to record the game either. I have tested the 17.6.1 and .2 drivers too to no avail, I have always DDU´d before upgrading.

      I feel like I am out of options as I´ve tried countless different settings and its still just giving me UI flicker.


      I would be fine with 17.3.3 if it wasn´t for the audio issues.


      Anything you can advise?


      My system:


      FX 8320E (no OC)

      XFX RX 480 8 GB

      12 GB DDR3 RAM

      Biostar A960G+

      Windows 10 Build 1607 (hesistant to upgrade to creators update, I am afraind my currently working version might break too)