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I'm having trouble since when the software updated

Question asked by lucasbindeli on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by kingfish

Hi, I'm having trouble restarting since my software updated from 17.4.2 to 17.6, before it was working normally, and since the update has been restarting even without an open game. Processor IntelCore i3-4170 CPU 3.70GHz;

Motherboard Gigabyte H97MGaming 3;

DDR3 memories one of 1600MHZ and 1333MHz;

Corsair CX600W power supply;

AMD R9 Video Card Radeon 270x =

can anybody help me? If it's really the Software, a change, something else or if it was coincidence? THX. Sorry for the lay knowledge. I'm not from the computer field.