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Code 43 after updating drivers in laptop. R7 340

Question asked by slendershadow1 on Jun 26, 2017
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My Laptop is: HP Pavilion 15-aw002lat

Graphic Card: AMD Radeon R7 340 and AMD Radeon R5

Operative System: WIndows 10 Home (64 bits)

RAM: 16 GB


I use it to play videogames and for school. I use a  TV(Spectra 32" Led HDTV) as 2nd(and main) display.

Yesterday my pc asked me for an update of my radeon drivers so I started it. It finished succesfully and after rebooting my laptop, it didn´t started in the main screen, it started in the laptop screen. When i tried to reconect the 2nd screen i found this:


Captura de pantalla (2).png

*The computer can not be projected on another screen. Try reinstalling the driver or using another video card


After that i unistalled and reinstalled the drivers from AMD, sometimes following youtube or internet tutorials, but at the end, I had the same result. In one of those attempts, i discovered in device administrator that the problem with my graphic cards is a code 43. After searching the only thing i discovered is that this problem occurs normaly after updating or changing the graphic card driver.

Captura de pantalla (1).png

I don´t know what to solve my problem and get back to play with my friends.

Thanks for reading and helping..


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