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AMD SMBus Failed Update & Crashing Radeon Settings Host -

Question asked by caramello222 on Jun 26, 2017
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HP Pavilion 20 All-In-One Desktop computer

OS Windows 8.1 64-bit

AMD E1-2500 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics

AMD Radeon HD 8240 (9/10/2013)

My Hidden City app has been crashing lately and has also been lagging. I used Microsoft's App Diagnostics tool and it reset the Windows Store App and it detected my graphics driver to be out of date. I did checks for updates using Windows Update and HP Support Assistant and no updates were found. But I recently checked Windows Update history and saw that on multiple occasions Advanced Micro Devices, Inc driver update for AMD SMBus failed to install and the error code is 80070103. I couldn't find any info on how to solve the problem except to contact the drivers manufacturer. On the AMD website I used the driver detector to try and locate the driver update that keeps failing to try a manual install. Instead I clicked express install without thinking and at the end of the install there was a message that the driver was partially installed. I thought that meant I needed to restart my computer to finish the installation

especially since that appeared as an option at the bottom of the install wizard. When I restarted my computer there was no prompt to not turn off my computer while the install finished, but it restarted with no problems. About 2-3 minutes after my computer was fully booted I got a pop-up message that Radeon Settings Host Application has stopped working. When I opened Task Manager to make sure it t really did stop, I noticed that the 2 Catalyst applications that were always there were gone, it's also missing from the pop-up box you get when you right click the desktop to personalize the desktop. In it's place is the AMD Radeon Settings Host. When I clicked the settings host I got a graphics pop-up message stating "No AMD graphics driver is installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly. Please install the AMD driver appropriate for your AMD hardware." I don't know how to fix this problem and I don't know how to find the correct driver or why the AMD update failed how do I fix all of this. Also even though I screwed up my driver I can tell an improvement of my graphics, and I opened my Hidden City game and the graphics were nice and crisp and the lagging was gone. If more info or details are needed please let me know and I will do my best to supple it, and tips on how to check for driver updates and to prevent this from happening again would be greatly appreciated.

AHCI 1.3 Device Driver  -  Advanced Micro Devices  -

AMD multi-vendor Miniport Driver  -  Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.  -

ATI Radeon Kernel Mode Driver  -  Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.  -


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