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    Feedback On Crimson 17.6.2 Drivers.


      I'm just making this discussion because I'm pretty disappointing with this last few Crimson driver versions that have come out.

      I made a discussion previously about 17.6.1 making my GPU unstable and crashing my PC when starting up a game and I wasn't the only one with similar issues are other issues related to these drivers. I thought the problems were fixed with 17.6.2 but overtime I've learned that its pretty unstable as well, it just took longer for it to crash my PC.


      I've tried rolling back to 17.4.4 but Relive and Freesync some to have some issues for me on this version. Since there is critical update to one of the games I play in 17.5.2 so I decided to to install 17.5.2 but without Radeon Settings because it seems like the frame timing issues in Freesync are connected to that. I figured this out because with Radeon Settings uninstalled (Freesync still enables, I can tell with how smooth the game still is when games drop below the 60Hz of my screen) all the framerate issues are gonna with games in borderless fullscreen mode and exclusive fullscreen modes.


      What I want to know is, are all these issues with the drivers, Freesync, Relive and that power efficiency mode known and recognized issues with AMD that they will be working on this fixing soon??


      I ask this because I was planning on buying RX Vega whenever they release and seeing how these last few drivers releases have been a buggy mess, I really don't feel safe dropping that money on that high end AMD GPU when then one day I can get a driver version that's suppose to fix some issues with a game or some program but it just ends up breaking everything else. I know this can happen with any hardware but it seems like, as of now, there is more of a probability of this happening with AMD GPUs.


      Before I've started buying RX 400 GPUs I was a long time with Nvidia since the Geforce 8800GTS 320MB. I think I might have bought a couple Radeon 4870 somewhere in that span of time but I don't remember haven't a great experience dealing with the drivers back the with those cards either. The Nvidia drivers through all that span of time have been the for most part great and released more frequently and consistently. I never was really afraid of running into stability issues like I am with these AMD GPUs. The only reason I've went back to AMD is because recently I like how AMD has done a 180 and been releasing some great hardware with good features, being very competitive. But if the driver support continues to be unstable like this and the great features that they created being unusable, I really don't want to have to deal with this.


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          Please provide the essential INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION


          We have an open issue with FreeSync at the moment, please wait and try our next driver when it becomes available to see if your experience improves.


          I'm not aware of any issues relating to Power Efficiency, what are you referring to?

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              The issue with Power Efficiency setting is that is it causes frame-rate problems in games. Causes slight pauses and stutters, things like that when playing a game. It's a great feature and I would like to use it because it really does get the power usage down when doing things on desktop (used to see HWINFO). But if it degrades game performance, which it does, it's not very useful. If this kind of issue can't be fixed by the driver group at AMD and is inherent of this kind of feature, they should add and option make it so that you can have it on when in desktop and/or a per app basis.


              Same thing with AMD Chill feature. Turns games like FarCry4 and Overwatch into a choppy mess, so that's pretty useless. And Relive definitely has something wrong with it, IDK if it's because it can't handle above 1080p records? Or it's just broken or both because sometimes it would cause the games to pause for split second every few seconds or just crash the game in general.


              These's are all great features I would like to use but they all interfere with the smoothness of the game and it's noticeable.

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                  They don't interfere if they are set correctly. You can't have it both ways....either save money on your electric bill or use your card to it's full/designed capabilities.

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                      What do you mean by "set correctly"? There's an on and off switch.


                      I think that if that option is going to be available, we should have the option for it to be enabled per app and/or just be able to enable it when it's on desktop and when 3D app starts, it's off and in full performance. I'm pretty sure Nvidia does that with their power saving features. Then this be really useful then, and the fans on the GPU wouldn't spin up just to watch a video or things such as that.


                      As for AMD chill. It's meant to be a gaming feature....and with how it's explained by AMD, it's suppose to save people AND give "high performance" graphics. It's not doing the latter.

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                    Also another feature I have a problem with that I just remembered is Frame Rate Target Control. It barely works on many games and its also and it not as smooth in comparison to RivaTuner. My confusion with it is that, why is it that is that it doesn't do anything on some game but I'm able to lock frame rate using the program RivaTuner and that works fine.

                    An example of a game that is doesn't seem to work in is Project Cars. If there are some conditions that needs to be meet for it to work properly, please let me know because as far as I know, all I have to do it enable it in Radeon Settings for the game I want it to work in.