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    Alienware Laptop RX 470 - Low Performance and General Queries


      Hi guys,


      I just got myself the latest Alienware 15inch that comes with a RX470 8GB. For most part the laptop is lovely and i'm having a blast, but there are a couple of things frustrating me and would love to get some insights.


      For the record i am using the latest recommended drivers.


      - Games launch with a greenish hue. I try to color correct with my ICC profiles and i know this only works on desktop but not in game. How do i fix this and why is this happening it is making my gaming experiences extremely garish. For the record first everything including desktop had a reddish hue and i color corrected it but then this happened. Is there a way to just reset everything to a neutral native color setting for the GPU?

      - By default my laptop's native screen runs on integrated intel GPU while my external monitor runs on the rx470 8gb. Is this wrong? When i launch a game on my native screen it seems to use the rx470.

      - When i choose auto update of the drivers for the WIndows 10 device driver menu - it updates the rx470gb to rx570 (???) i have since then stuck with the latest AMD release and not bothered with this. Which leaves me to wonder if my drivers are functioning properly/recognized by Win 10.

      - I'm getting poor performance in games. Games like Guild wars 2 run at 30fps + with things like shaders and effects off while textures are high/medium. Is this normal? Only time i get above 60fps is when i set rendering to sub sampling (Resolution is 1080p). I have already tweaked settings in catalyst to give me the best performance/appearance balance.



      Would appreciate if i can get some clarity/advice from you kind folks.


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        • Re: Multiple issues/asks for RX470 8GB

          Please try adjusting the Pixel Format options found under Radeon Settings > Preferences > Additional Settings to full RGB.


          No that's correct, laptops are often wired to the integrated GPU. Your RX 470 has its own display connections on the laptop.


          Device ID was updated. RX 470 and 570 very similar, performance and clock speeds will not change. You can safely ignore.


          Please ensure the machine is connected to the power when gaming and you are using Windows High Performance mode. In addition, please set the Power Limit to +50% in Radeon Settings > Gaming > Global Settings > Global Wattman and click apply. (if this option is available)

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