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Alienware Laptop RX 470 - Low Performance and General Queries

Question asked by urbanvoodoo on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by urbanvoodoo

Hi guys,


I just got myself the latest Alienware 15inch that comes with a RX470 8GB. For most part the laptop is lovely and i'm having a blast, but there are a couple of things frustrating me and would love to get some insights.


For the record i am using the latest recommended drivers.


- Games launch with a greenish hue. I try to color correct with my ICC profiles and i know this only works on desktop but not in game. How do i fix this and why is this happening it is making my gaming experiences extremely garish. For the record first everything including desktop had a reddish hue and i color corrected it but then this happened. Is there a way to just reset everything to a neutral native color setting for the GPU?

- By default my laptop's native screen runs on integrated intel GPU while my external monitor runs on the rx470 8gb. Is this wrong? When i launch a game on my native screen it seems to use the rx470.

- When i choose auto update of the drivers for the WIndows 10 device driver menu - it updates the rx470gb to rx570 (???) i have since then stuck with the latest AMD release and not bothered with this. Which leaves me to wonder if my drivers are functioning properly/recognized by Win 10.

- I'm getting poor performance in games. Games like Guild wars 2 run at 30fps + with things like shaders and effects off while textures are high/medium. Is this normal? Only time i get above 60fps is when i set rendering to sub sampling (Resolution is 1080p). I have already tweaked settings in catalyst to give me the best performance/appearance balance.



Would appreciate if i can get some clarity/advice from you kind folks.


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