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R7 200 Series 17.6.2 - AMD display driver has stopped and recovered

Question asked by buzatelstefan on Jun 26, 2017
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I have an amd r7 200 series (2gb/256bits) witch now a month when I was playing a videogame just crashed instantly my pc. I installed my OS again (Win 7 64 bits) and it still has the same problem. It crashes so bad then I get either my pc stuck either blue screen either it restarts... I looked on internet and I tried every solution that I found.. I set the TdrDelay to 8 I installed the latest graphic driver crimson relive edition 17.6.2, I installed the latest motherboard driver (I have an Gaming MSI not sure the name of it but if you need it I may find it) and don't forget that I installed a new OS.

Please I need help... I looked in all the forums that I found but none helped..


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