Support for Abaqus Subroutines on Windows

Discussion created by balerion on Jun 26, 2017
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Dear Community,


unfortunately I wasn't able to find any information concerning the use of Abaqus subroutines on the latest AMD Hardware, namely Ryzen .
My general issue is that I am not able to find a suitable fortran compiler for compilation of my subroutines. As we mostly use Intel hardware we have easy access to the Intel Fortran Composer.

Having no viable alternative I tried to install it (Intel Fortran Composer XE 2015 R4), however the installation aborted, because the installation of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 failed (if the intel installer doesn't find any Visual Studio version, it installs the 2010 version of it).
In my next step I tried to install Visual Studio by myself, however all attempts to do so failed (only saying that "installation failed", very specific I know), regardless of the version I tried to install.


So now to my first question: Is there any reason for Microsoft Visual Studio (2010-2017) not being able to be installed on AMD hardware (Ryzen 7)?

Is there an alternative compiler I could use, as I imagine that running an Intel Fortran compiler on AMD hardware isn't the best idea.


The OS was Windows 10 Enterprise, with the latest updates installed on it.