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Installing Crimson software on my Radeon HD 8850M kills the performance

Question asked by mihai11 on Jun 26, 2017

Hello there community,

          I am writing this in order to make myself understand something. I am an Arma 3 player and I am getting kind of angry when I see all those bushes and trees flickering when I`m moving.Searching through internet I found out that I need to update the driver for the gpu. I tried this via Device Manager but it says the update is up to date. Looking on the AMD website,I downloaded auto detect tool. It detects that I need a new update for the driver. Nice and easy until now. After installation(no freeze/stuck or anything I found online) i restarted my laptop and had no problem on boot. Tried to look through CCC, found out that it disappeared and I got the new Radeon Software-Crimson (I was shocked that my gpu could handle it). So far so good. Trying to start the game, I saw that the performance was too low so I had to check that Crimson software again. I found out that I have another gpu detected, the R9 M200X. So the only solution I have is to restore the driver to an older version and keep playing with those annoying flickerings.

        I was just wondering: does my gpu handles Crimson software? Or did I make anything wrong? 





GPU: Radeon Hd 8850M 2GB

Laptop: Dell Inspiron 3537

System:Windows 7 64bit

Driver version installed:

Display device: LCD 1366x768 @60Hz

CPU: u7-4500U 1.80 up to 3 MHz

Power: Li Ion 6 Cells