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RX 570 x 2 Random System Hangs After Driver Install

Question asked by cokewithvanilla on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2017 by cokewithvanilla

I have been driving myself crazy with my new PC build. I was having issues with system hangs when inserting a usb drive, switching which monitor was the 'main' monitor, switching the refresh rate on the monitor,  loading small programs (corsair cue, for example). Everything would just stop, then start again ( i mean task manager stops updating, hw monitor stops updating, the lights on my mouse/keyboard (controlled by CUE) stop moving, etc.). The computer is way too powerful to have this issue (i7-6850k, 32gb corsair 3200mhz ram, etc.). I ended up swapping the MOBO, CPU, RAM, PSU only to find that i have the same problems. I have run the gauntlet of testing all the hardware. The only thing I havent entirely swapped are the VC's (two RX570s), and I've run every test and benchmark i can think of.


When installing windows again (i dual boot, by the way 1 sata ssd and one M.2), I noticed that i have zero issues on my first boot when i had nothing installed (screens were not correct res, no drivers)... everything worked smooth... then the Radeon drivers got installed and my problems are back. I have never had this issue on another system, certainly not on something this powerful. My laptop has no issues like this (it also runs six monitors). At this point, i think ive pretty much narrowed it down. The chances of me having bad hardware twice on everything that leads to the same problem is slim to none. I do not have a cooling issue either. Everything runs nice and cold with 5 SP120 case fans an a H110i.



edit: These are both clean installs with latest drivers.



Anything i can try here?


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