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GPU Crashing Wattman RX 470

Question asked by laurentiu_stanciu on Jun 25, 2017
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I have a MSI RX470 4GB video card bought 2 months ago. About 2 weeks ago I've had some issues with the driver version 17.6.2, in the sense that after 15 mins of normal usage (browsing, facebook) the image would freeze for 3 secs and the pc would restart. After boot the Action Center in Windows 10 would pop a message saying that Wattman has been restored to default due to and error (please notice that I didn't overclocked or changed any of the power or voltage values). I've managed to find a workaround in having the driver rolled back to 16.7.3 (the version provided by Windows 10). But for the past 3 days 1/5 boots the fan speed would start with 100% power, not step by step.

For now I've managed to install 17.4.2 and hope that I will not have any more problems.


I've made this post so that people who encounter this problem can find a workaround, to find other solutions as well + maybe a developer will look at this problem and fix it.




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