No OpenCL support for: Ubuntu 16.04.2, RX550 (only this single graphics card), AMD driver 17.10, (64 bit)

Discussion created by tugrul_512bit on Jun 24, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2017 by dipak

I installed drivers as it is instructed in its support page, to the word.


Clinfo told only CPU is present. Installed AMD APP SDK, nothing changed. Installed mesa drivers, only OpenCL 1.1 is available for RX550. Tested if it is really 1.1 with ethereum miner. Miner failed.


Tried --compute while installing, failed again.




Just out of curiosity: what if I add another vendor's GPU into case, would this card still work as a opengl renderer in ubuntu or oppositely if other GPU is renderer, could this card compute?




Ubuntu alongside windows 10, installed by USB-ISO image.