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    Do VRM need cooling?


      I saw some posts from people who watercooled their GPUs with CPU watercoolers and they are only cooling the GPU with it and the rest of the PCB is entirely naked with no heatsink or fan. And at this point i am wondering if it would damage the VRM in the long run or overheat it without any kind of cooling. (sorry if it´s a dumb question but i want some clarity)





      Those link´s shows a HD6xxx or HD7xxxx GPU with a CPU watercooler and the PCB has no heatsink or fans on it

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          well people do use cpu cooler on Gpu's but some Gppus have 2 dies to cool hence 2 cpu water blocks. so what the right way to do it is a custom water block with a large surface area to cool gpu correctly. and that does look very nice also.....

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            It's not a dumb question at all - I definitely recommend having at least heatsinks/spreaders to help pull away some of the heat. The pictures above don't open up for me, but I can only imagine what some folks do. With even the most basic low cost options available (like the Arctic Acceloro line), there's no need to leave them bare. Extended use can cause damage, but even if that doesn't happen the card(s) in question will just start to throttle to prevent damage resulting in lower performance.


            If someone can't afford to add aftermarket parts, I would recommend leaving on the manufacturers cooling solution until it can be replaced with a better option.

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