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Bad Behavior AMD-Chipset-Drivers 17.10RCP22-Apr27

Question asked by nanohead on Jun 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2017 by nanohead

Brand New Install....  All completely stock settings. 

Gigabyte BA350 Gaming (latest beta bios, newest AGESA

Ryzen 5 1600X

Corsair Vengeance 2x8 running fine at DDR4 3000

Radeon 6450

Windows 10-64


Did a ordinary install, basically no real problems.  The clock speed bounces all over the place, doesn't really affect anything, but I couldn't get the Ryzen Balanced Power Plan to install.   Been using the chipset drivers from the Gigabyte website.


Looked here on the forum, followed the link to the 17.10RCP release, and tried to install.   All hell broke loose.   First, I got this ridiculous screen that gave me different driver versions, with absolutely ZERO context.  I think it was looking at GPU drivers, and because I'm using an older GPU it lost its mind.  What in the world does this mean?   I've been using Radeon/AMD stuff for over a decade, and this is ridiculous.   All I wanted was chipset drivers and the Ryzen BPP.


amd driver wtf.PNG


So I figure the software knows something I don't, so I select "recommended driver", it starts doing its thing, then it BLACK SCREENS, and I have to reboot it hard to get it to come back.  It reboots, and comes back with the base Radeon driver, with yet ANOTHER version number.... I dunno...


I then re run what's becoming the worlds most confusing installer, and I get the same idiotic screen, but this time, I try and do a custom install, hoping it will offer me the chipset drivers, but of course, it only offers yet ANOTHER version of the GPU driver, so I cancel.  Then, it BLACK SCREENS again!!!!


I reboot, then it comes back with some other driver 15.201.1151.1008, which is yet even MORE ridiculous.  But at least I now have video, which I didn't have for about 30 minutes during its black screen episodes.  I then search the file tree for the chipset driver package, find what I hope is the BPP, install it, and now its there.


But I have ZERO idea if I have correct chipset drivers.  Also, the AMD HD audio device driver has disappeared, but then, it randomly installed itself while I was typing this post!!!


I now have the Balanced Power Plan , but the clock speed is bouncing between 3692Mhz, 4016Mhz, and 3991 Mhz and I don't know why.


All in all, I know this is pretty early stuff and fairly complex, but boy is this random