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    R9 290 Black Screen After Driver Installation


      AMD Graphics Card

      R9 290


      Desktop or Laptop System



      Operating System

      Windows 10 64bit


      Driver version installed



      Display Devices

      Edge IO Monitor 60Hz



      MSI X99ASLA Krait Edition



      Intel i75820k


      Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage

      EVGA 850w





      Today I installed the new Relive driver software and at the end of the install I was prompted to restart my PC through the installer. When I restarted I had a black screen with no login screen or any way to do anything other than a hard power down. I have tried a number of fixes online but I'm unable to even get to safe mode or BIOS so I can't attempt everything.


      Things I've tried:

      Resetting CMOS

      Using a different gfx card

      Using another port

      Re seating RAM

      Various online "fixes"


      Nothing made any difference. Any help?


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          When the computer starts, does BIOS start up normally? You might try using your Windows Installation disk to restore your computer to an earlier version before you installed the AMD drivers. You can also run a Linux DVD that runs a Linux environment which enables you to troubleshoot or run windows programs to repair your Windows O.S.

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              Everything in the tower seems to start normally, even the LED that indicates the BIOS is functioning is on. I don't hear the normal BIOS sounds through my headphones when I boot though. I tried using my windows disk and a windows 10 restore disk, again nothing happens. There is absolutely nothing going to the monitor whatsoever.

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                  Have you tried a different monitor to see if you get the same results?  How is the monitor connected to the R9-290?  Make sure the cable is good that is connecting the monitor. Switch video ports on the R9 to different video port and see if you get any images on the monitor.

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                      The card is connected via dvi cable. I already tried using another port, as well as another card and various pci slots, with the same result. The only other monitor I own is my laptop which can only use the hdmi slot, which I tried and nothing happened.


                      My best guess right now is that my PC is trying to boot with corrupt gpu drivers and not even getting to bios screen. My motherboard doesn't have integrated graphics otherwise I could boot from there and roll back. I need some way of getting to safe mode, or even bios screen would be a start.