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    Crossfire Boot and Restart Problem




      I Use 2 MSI R9 280 Gaming 3G Cards in Crossfire on a ASRock z97 Extreme 3 Mainboard.

      Powersupply with 750 Watt Corsair RM 750i.

      Crossfire works well with and in Games.

      Win 10 pro

      The Problem is if I shut Down the Computer an Crossfire is still on I get a Boot Problem. It starts booting and Stops after a few seconds.

      When I Reset it starts and boots into windows.

      When i restart windwows it hungs in the Restarting Screen.

      I have to reset then.

      When Crossfire ist off everything boots well.


      This problem occured from the beginning.

      I Allrwady changed the Motherboard for a Gigabyte z97P-D3. It was the same Problem.


      Can sombodey help?