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Ryzen Master can't go past 3200MHz

Question asked by aliceborry on Jun 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2017 by amdmatt

Hi guys. I always used Ryzen Master to overclock my CPU (R7 1700) and my RAM, and it has always been awesome. Recently, I downloaded and flashed a BIOS update with the new AGESA, and my RAM stability has increased, I guess. Before the update I was only able to achieve 2933MHz 14-14-14-34. Now I can OC it at 3333MHz 14-14-14-34 without problems, but I can only do it through the BIOS, because Ryzen Master doesn't allow me to go over 3200MHz. At the moment I'm using my RAM at 3200MHz 14-13-13-28 because of this (I don't know how to overclock my CPU from BIOS haha). Is there some way to disable the RAM control from Ryzen Master, using the program only for CPU overclocking?


Also, sorry for my english


Thank you in regards :3