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RX 460 DX/DirectX Errors After Crimson 17.3

Question asked by jasonht on Jun 25, 2017
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i have recently had an issue where windows automatically updated my drivers from 17.3 to a later version and all games stopped working - due to Unknown Direct X errors or no direct X. the only fix for this was to DDU uninstall all drivers and go back to 17.3


I am now getting 1 second freezes playing diablo 3 and wondered if it was safe to install the later driver version or if i will come across the same issues. There is a few threads about windows 10 creators update causing problems - is this now resolved?


necessary info:


AMD Graphics Card: sapphire radeon rx 460

windows 10 64 bit

i5 2500K

8GB ram



dxdiag is attached..


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