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    bristol ridge  hsa? rocm? i feel betrayed as a customer.


      i bought some time ago a bristol ridge with a320m-c as training platform for programming accelerated software with hsa.

      i feel like amd promised me, that  "The APU will have full HSA support and OpenCL 2.0" support, but then i ran into problems (i.e.HIP).

      Still possible to do some training on this platform, but the cost effective platform will not be working flawlessly under rocm. Extra stress, not needed.

      When i found out that even the promised upgrade path to ryzen is not working for my motherboard, i had to come here to leave some fume.

      Support Team? Please move this thread where you want to (but no the bin ), i would have preferred to find a better place but after registering i stopped at the first fence.


      greetings to the community