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Screen flashing in game with RX 580

Question asked by batem8 on Jun 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by amdmatt

Hi everyone,


I come to you on this day because of an issue I'm dealing with. I have an RX 580 8Gb asus strix, along with an R5 1600 (team red ) and a freesync Acer XF270HU.


I've had multiple attempts at overclocking the RX 580 but failed so I did a reset on the Wattman settings and forgot about it. Until this bug came along, in which I keep having the lights in video games flashing every where. It happens in rainbow six, GTA 5, BF4 ... so on ... It create an epileptic game and everything kinda stutters ... I've noticed that in R6S sometimes the flashes show a different game in the background, like each flash showed the menu of GTA 5 that I had previously opened but closed after. Extremely weird bug to me.


I have reinstalled AMD Crimson, put every driver up to date (at least I think so...) but the problem keeps happening.


I should mention I also did an overclock on my Ryzen chip at 3,7Ghz 1,24v (auto set) and my Ram at 2666Mhz


Any help would be amazing, and I'd be very thankful.