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Radeon 6850m BSOD in rocket league and UT3 immediately on main menu

Question asked by zokay on Jun 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by amdmatt

So recently my system crashes every time I enter main menu of rocket league (I've played normally for over 700 hours ) and unreal tournament 3, other games appear to be working.


I own a laptop Acer aspire 7750g with i7 2630qm processor, 8 gigs of ram (2x4gb), radeon 6850m gpu on windows 10 education version (64bit)

I did a memtest too when I upgraded my ram and it turned out to be fine.

After getting a crash I reinstalled gpu drivers using DDU software and tried to install latest drivers from AMD/drivers section for my specific GPU.

This is the error message I get:

crash dump file: C:\WINDOWS\memory.dmp

This was probably caused by the following module: Unknown (0xFFFFFFFFC0000094)

Bugcheck code: 0x7E (0xFFFFFFFFC0000094, 0xFFFFF8081F4FC989, 0xFFFFBC00CFAFAAF8, 0xFFFFBC00CFAFA330)


Bug check description: This bug check indicates that a system thread generated an exception that the error handler did not catch.

A third party driver was identified as the probable root cause of this system error.



Laptop is not clogged with dust and is not overheating and thermal paste has been changed in the last 6 months or so. I also think my GPU is in good shape because I did a stress test to see if it will crash and it didn't (I quit test after a few minutes when my GPU was 91°C)

If you wanna know more about the laptop's hardware, all specs are here Review Acer Aspire 7750G Notebook - Reviews

I've been googling, trying out everything, asking people for advice but the problem is still here.


I attached error message so you can check it out. I can also put any other info you think it may be useful just ask.

Thanks for helping me out.