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Suggestion: it would be nice to be able to rename radeon settings for a specific application

Question asked by tread on Jun 24, 2017
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i searched a bit, and didn't find a douplicate of this suggestion.

think it would be nice to rename the settings for a specific game.


as example, right now, i got ``zork 1'' and ``tex murphy - under a killing moon installed.

both run with dosbox, i got them from gog, just so you know, what i am talking about.

there are several entrences in the ``game'' section, concerning dosbox. not all useful, so i will delete them.


right now i'm trying to install a driver for the et_4000, and have seperately dosbox 0.74 installed.

when i manually create a settings section for dosbox 0.74, it is called wolfenstein.

the entry for my gog zork installtion is for the com file, so i don't know, it it will grip, since that runs in dosbox.exe.


so i eventually i will have three entries for dosbox and i don't want them all to have the same name.


Another topic,

don't know, but do the radeon crimson relive drivers at least since version 17.6.2 support dual graphics again?