V17.6.2 AMD Radeon Settings crazy memory usage

Discussion created by zak707 on Jun 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2017 by whiskey-foxtrot

On the latest v17.6.2 driver, why is the AMD Radeon Settings page goes up to 2Gb of memory usage? That is crazy or a serious memory leak considering just letting it sit there doing nothing for a while just keep taking 1-2MB every couple of seconds. And 18% cpu usage while just sitting there on the Wattman page is nasty too. Then when attempting to close the page while in the Gaming section result in a crash each time, basically have click another section like Display or System before closing if I don't want it to crash. That is on a R9-290, clean update from 17.5.2 which seemed to be fine.


Anyone else noticed that on this version?