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    Error 1603


      Hi. I have a laptop with 2 GPUs. One of which is an Intel HD 5500, and the other one is a Radeon R7 M265. Yesterday I tried updating the drivers for my R7 M265 to boost my gameplay in Black Desert Online. I keep trying but I always get Error 1603. So I tried different solutions that I found online such as checking Windows Update, using AMD Clean Utility, deleting the AMD folder in (:C), et cetera. But after countless tries, I still get the error. Even Windows Update has an error - "There were problems installing some updates, but we'll try again later . . ." Now I can't even access Radeon Settings, and what's worse is that my R7 M265 isn't listed in my Display Adapters in Device Manager. *sigh* I've already sent an email to AMD support last night, but there's still no response. Please help.

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          If even Windows Update cannot proceed, then it would appear your system has been corrupted.

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              'Your system has been corrupted'? Uhh, no.


              I have two laptops with AMD graphics cards:

              • My own HP Essentials 15 with:
                • CPU: Intel Core i7 6700U
                • GPU: AMD Radeon R7 M440
              • My brother's brand new Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 14 with:
                • CPU: AMD A10 6th-generation
                • GPU: AMD Radeon R6 M330


              My brother updated his AMD driver using the AMD Radeon settings program, to be met with Error 1603, and Windows not to complete boot. I uninstalled the AMD driver in safe mode and tried the following:


              • Reinstall the driver from the 'minimal install' setup program on AMD's website.
                • Error 1603. Generic error, logs show 'Package Management The installation did not work' or something similar.
              • Reinstall the driver from the complete driver package (~500MB) from AMD's website.
                • Error 1603. Same error.
              • Install the driver from its own install package once extracted from the complete driver package.
                • 'This package does not work on this Windows version.' or something very similar.
                • Ah-ha! Now we know what failed!
                • Hmmm... I'm sure I selected Windows 10 x64 on the AMD website...
                • Surprisingly, I did select Windows 10 x64. So why doesn't it work on Windows 10 x64?
              • Attempt install from Device Manager.
                • The INF file attempted an illegal operation on a registry key that was scheduled for deletion.
              • Uninstall all AMD software and drivers.
              • Install the driver from Windows update.
                • 'The updates did not install correctly'


              So, it seems there are a few problems:

              1. AMD's installation program does not provide sufficient log files.
              2. AMD's latest Crimson 17.7.2 drivers do not install on Windows 10 x64.
              3. Windows Update drivers are defective too.
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                  Please do not hijack this thread, open a new thread if you wish.

                  This user has CONFIRMED that he is unable to completely install Windows Update.

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                      I'm expanding on exactly the same issue the OP has! Exactly the same, and, in addition, Windows Update can't proceed, because of the AMD drivers failing to install. Maybe I didn't make it clear in the original post, but I did write that the updates didn't install.


                      DISM and SFC don't find issues with the Windows installation.

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                          Windows Update's not installing have nothing to do with the AMD display drivers.

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                              Then why does it say Windows Update couldn't complete because of the following updates failed, and then it lists only the two AMD graphics card drivers (one for the IGP, one for the dedicated card)?


                              OP has said:


                              Even Windows Update has an error - "There were problems installing some updates, but we'll try again later . . ."


                              I have the same error from Windows Update, and I've interpreted the above text by the OP as to have occurred whilst downloading the AMD driver via Windows Update (i.e. with 'Even').

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                      I reinstalled Windows 7 i haw same error. Display driver and HDMI audio wont install. There was not this error before, maybe some windows updates, or driver version 17, or newest NET. I dont now I hope in next WHQL it will be fixsed. SSD is degrading if i haw so much to reinstall.