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Discussion created by eazydozer on Jun 23, 2017
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Hello my name is EazyDozer, I am kind of a big deal. I am wondering if there is a chance I could get a sponsorship from AMD, so I can finish yet another computer. I have been saving money for 3-4 weeks and I purchased all the parts I need, but I ran out when it came to buying the Processor and motherboard and memory and gpu. This is why I am asking if I can get a sponsorship for those parts. I am aspiring to be an even bigger deal, which is hard to accomplish. I am wanting to do this to make myself happy while watching me be awesome. Now of course I am not the only one to give you this opportunity, but I just want to get some cool stuff.

     Now the parts I would be asking for is everything. You are welcome for this opportunity.


No autographs,




Joking but not joking if there is a 1800x involved.