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Desperate for suggestions for ideal performance set-up?

Question asked by worldphoto on Jun 23, 2017

Hi Guys


Hoping all your knowledge and insight might be able to help a AMD fan/user.

I have the following card /system config.


2x AMD Firepro W4100.

3x Screens:

1 card running a single AMH A409U 4K [3840x2160] monitor, the other card running 2x Dell monitors, a Dell 3008WFP 30" [2560x1600] and a Dell U2414H [1920x1080].

Using latest WHQL Drivers. All connectors via Display Port cables.

Have also a 2GB O/C HD7850 available but not currently used.

Any suggestions for ideal performance set-up - both hardware and software (advanced Radeon settings)?

I am getting regular link failure messages when all screens on. Getting slow-downs and lacklustre performance for such a top card.