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ryzen 5 1600X cpu core voltage and subsidiary ram question

Question asked by kazoningen on Jun 22, 2017
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My build is 2 weeks old and this is my first one :

-1600X@ 3.6ghz 1.20v stock ( displayed on bios ), MSI X370 gaming pro carbon bios version 1.50 ( updated at the first start, no WHQL 1.60 since then ), Noctua nh-u14s, Corsair lpx 3200C16R at 2667 MHz cl14 ( via memory try it! in bios ) Gtx 1070 gaming X, Corsair rm650x, Be quiet silent base 800, thermal grizzly compund, ssd evo 500 GB,  seagate barracuda 2TB, Win10 64bits .


Under HWINFO64 my idle cpu core voltage fluctuates between ~0.8v and ~1.53v which involves temps between ~30°C and today ~62°C pike on Tdie , with only Norton, Nvidia Geforce experience, realtek audio in background plus firefox with 4 tabs and hwinfo64 activated . Yesterday I played Shadow tactics: blades of the shogun for one hour and the temps didn't exceed 58°C according to hwinfo.


I don't want to oc my cpu, just let the turbo doing its job and use my system the way it has been presented by manufacturers ( i'd also like to hit 3200 MHz with my DIMM but when i tried to a-xmp it ( after the first launch and bios update ) it didn't succeed , the ram was stuck at 2133 mghz at 1.36v so I found memory try it! and stayed at 2667 cl14 @ 1.36V ( stable ) being afraid of blocking the bios trying to go higher and have to clear CMOS ect ... I don't want to take any risks and it shouldn't be the case. )


This 1.53v is way too high and is very bad for the cpu, it's been said that with my air cooler it would be better not going over 1.40v and for cpu longevity not going over 1.45v. I found and read this topic :  .

There's an answer into it but not concerning the same motherboard. Are the cpu volt at 1.375v and soc at 1.1875v sure for the x370 pro carbon ?

Do these settings involve that they won't go any higher ? Is it a limit ?

Why does the cpu reacts with such "modulations" ?

Is it because of the PSU ?

Is it good for the ram to be at 1.36v and not 1.35 ( according to msi ram compatibility site page for x370 carbon MB ) ?