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    Build advice


      Hello All,


      I am new to the Red team but not new to AMD obviously! I am going to upgrade my old system I have had since 2008 with small upgrades along the way,


      My main question is what motherboard and RAM kit have most of you went for or could recommend?

      I am thinking either the ASUS Strix X370-F or MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon,

      Both have similar specs/features but has anyone had any issues with the MSI board at least as the ASUS board is new!


      Also what RAM kits are recommended? I would prefer 2 x16GB @ 3200Mhz as I will upgrade to 64GB at a later stage, has anyone else got this config or similar?


      Thanks for any help you can give!



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          Hi Uel,


          Both can be great boards if you can get a stable BIOS on there. As for RAM, I've had the best luck G.Skill brand ram, specifically those that use Samsung B-die. As improvements continue to be made to BIOS' through Agesa (Community Update #4: Let's Talk DRAM! ) you'll find that more memory options are being added to the list of compatible products. Here's another list of compatible memory: https://community.amd.com/external-link.jspa?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.amd.com%2Fsystem%2Ffiles%2F2017-06%2Fam4-motherboard-m…  but you'll also want to consult your chosen motherboard's QVL.


          Here's my system Oscar Mike and you can find many other great Ryzen systems in the Rig Showcase . I prefer the enthusiast Asus boards and I've built many based on the Crosshair line just for the BIOS options and as mentioned, G.Skill is my go-to for memory. I currently use a 32GB kit @ 3200MHz and even with heavy rendering, I barely hit 70% capacity usage, so 64GB would be overkill for me. I did not go with a 64GB kit because I knew of the Hynix vs Samsung memory chips, but even if 64GB @ 3200Mhz or higher was available at the time, I would not have purchased it since it's just wasted cash.

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              Hi Whiskey,


              Thanks for the reply, I have only ever used Asus myself and was tempted by the price of the MSI board! I'm still using my trusty Rampage II extreme! I am also running 16GB DDR3 2133Mhz G.Skill Ripjaws so I will probably go for the same brands in my updated machine.


              By what I can see there aren't too many 2 x 16GB kits supported, the kit I would like is the G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3200mhz but on the G.Skill website they are stated as not supporting it yet!

              I do a lot of Virtual Machine stuff mainly for testing before being used in a live environment, at the moment i'm using a few PC's in a VLAN/LAN setup and would like to streamline this all onto one PC! That's why I would need the silly amount of memory lol.

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                  I would recommend getting the most memory you can get upfront, but it isn't necessarily needed since you're going to upgrade per channel; it just makes me feel better to get the max kit for compatibility/stability purposes. You can get a 2x16GB kit, but you may not be able to hit the 3200MHz or higher at the moment. I'd say get it and update your BIOS later!

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                I love MSI boards and the only reason I am not using one right now is because I got my current board at a very low price.
                Also, isnt there currently some sort of an issue with Ryzen and higher then 2600MHz RAM frequencies or did they fix that?

                Either way, 32GB is great but you said you would be going up to 64, wouldn't that be overkill?

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                  I bought the Gigabyte Aorus GA-X370-GAMING K7 because it had 2 ethernet cards (Intel and Killer) and no Wifi. The K5 has two nics too and is cheaper.

                  Check the manual of every motherboard you are considering, because depending on what you connect, some slots/addons are disabled or run slower. After reading a lot of motherboard manuals, the Aorus K7 came first for the things that I wanted to connect to the motherboard.

                  If you are considering ECC memory Gigabyte said only X370 mobos have support.

                  The memory support is a lottery right know. I have a 2x8GB 3200 Corsair Kit that is the first on the list of supported memory kits at 3200 on the AMD Ram support list, but it only runs at 2933. It doesnt boot at 3200 with XMP profile applied, with latest Beta BIOS F4e with Agesa

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                    Hello, Uel.


                    I personally have been using the ASRock X370 Professional Gaming and can't complain.  My RAM runs at the rated 3200MHz CL14 and it is a 4X8Gb kit.  I have had success getting it running at 3333 MHz (This is relevant to the topic, I don't keep bringing it up to brag whiskey-foxtrot ), but I do not have any experience with the ASRock models comparable to the boards you mentioned.  That would be the ASRock X370 Gaming K4, I imagine it will be fine, as ASRock has been steady with UEFI updates for all models.


                    As for RAM, G. Skill is always a solid recommendation.  But if you really want to splurge there is always...DOMINATOR® PLATINUM Special Edition Torque 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C14 Memory Kit (CMD32GX4M2C3200C14T)