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    Fx6100 upgrade?




      Im currently running an old Fx 6100 processor with my GTX 1060 6gb.
      This cpu is obviously bottlenecking my gpu and isnt powerfull enough to run today's game's smoothly.

      I wan't and uppgrade.


      But here's my problem:


      I dont know if i should get a new motherboard (Current: Asus crosshaird v Formula z) with an AMD ryzen processor.

      Or if i should get the best cpu for AM3+ socket. (FX9590??)


      Im not playing heavly graphic based games, just things like CS:GO (~90-150fps), League of Legends (~100+fps) and PUBG (20-50fps max   :-(     )


      Im kinda on a budget, so if i need an new motherboard and an new processor it will cost me around 500 - 750 $.

      The FX9590 on the other hand, cost around 250 $.

      (Norwegian prices....)


      So.. does anyone have any experience with the fx9590 processor?

      Is it good enough for game's that i play with the 1060 gpu?


      sincerely J.K


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          If you can get your hands on an FX-83xx (8350/8370) with the included Wraith cooler, I'd go with that - unless you have a decent watercooling option (quality AIO or cooling loop) to maintain decent temps on that 9590.


          I have nothing against the 9590 - if you can satisfy cooling, then you're good to go. I recommended the 83xx options as those are a lot better on overall power consumption and great in performance - especially on the C5FZ.


          Lykke til!


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            I would get the R5 1500X or wait a little longer for the Ryzen R3 1200 (4 core 8 thread) to hit the market which should be around $125 given the R5 1400 is $159 and there is about $30 difference between the models. There isn't a heck of a lot of difference between the 9590 and 6100 performance wise except that due to the clock differences, but Ryzen has 50% IPC improvement over the FX series, plus it's insanely more energy efficient, 65w (or less) vs 220w. Another route you can take is to buy a powerful closed loop liquid cooler, like the Corsair H105, which you will have to have if you buy the FX-9590 anyway, and overclock the FX-6100, which can hit in the 4ghz range regularly, until you can afford a full upgrade to the Ryzen platform.

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              Thanks for the answers!

              Maybe i was to quick on my hand!

              Right after i asked this question, i bought the 9590 for 80$. I couldn't pass that offer. Maybe i made a big mistake, but who knows?

              I've got a decent watercooling system that hold my temperatures with the 6100 (overcloked to around 3.7Ghz) at around 40 celsius.

              I've red tons of articles and forums about the same subject. And basicly everyone says that i should either get the ryzen + am4mb, intel + 1151mb or wait for the new 2066 socket + cpu . But i feel the mb will be a totalt waste since i bought it 2 years ago for 500$...

              I'm sorry to waste your time helping a budget gamer, when all i did was the opposite of what you guys would have done!

              I will give you guys feedback on this article when i get the cpu!




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                definatley dont buy the fx9590 they are 8320 or 8350's that test very good from factory, so they binned them to 220watt and snaped the cap back on it same processor.

                8350 is good but. ryzen is here and wasting money on old isnt getting you far.

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                    I got my FX 9590 today!

                    I took your advice and flashed the Bios with 2201 update and then changed the Cpu! black_zion

                    After some testing and monitoring of the temperatures, it keep's a steady 60 degree celsius!

                    Performance vice it didn't make alot of changes in CSGO (steady 170fps), but in Pubg i got a smothly gaming experience ( i guess around 60-100fps).

                    I will be testing some other games, but so far everything is running well!

                    Hopefully this cpu won't burn my house down x)


                    Thanks guyes for the feedback!