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Fx6100 upgrade?

Question asked by ez2k on Jun 21, 2017
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Im currently running an old Fx 6100 processor with my GTX 1060 6gb.
This cpu is obviously bottlenecking my gpu and isnt powerfull enough to run today's game's smoothly.

I wan't and uppgrade.


But here's my problem:


I dont know if i should get a new motherboard (Current: Asus crosshaird v Formula z) with an AMD ryzen processor.

Or if i should get the best cpu for AM3+ socket. (FX9590??)


Im not playing heavly graphic based games, just things like CS:GO (~90-150fps), League of Legends (~100+fps) and PUBG (20-50fps max   :-(     )


Im kinda on a budget, so if i need an new motherboard and an new processor it will cost me around 500 - 750 $.

The FX9590 on the other hand, cost around 250 $.

(Norwegian prices....)


So.. does anyone have any experience with the fx9590 processor?

Is it good enough for game's that i play with the 1060 gpu?


sincerely J.K