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    1700x temperatures?


      I bought a cyberpower gamer master 2017. it has a b350 bazooka motherboard. I had not started monitoring the temperature (ryzen master 1.0.1 or w/e) and at about 30% cpu use, my temps are reading 74c +. I am a little concerned so i order an msi frozr cooler, the one that has the torx fans.


      kinda curious if there is something i can do in the meantime?

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          The 1700X and 1800X report +20C so the fans run faster. Ryzen Master reports the correct temp, other tools need to correctly read/represent the CPU Temp.

          What tool are you using to monitor CPU temps?


          The BIOS or motherboard SW can have different fan profiles, Off, silent, normal, extreme, full speed or even a custom profile. Check if you are using the silent profile that runs the fans slower or you have your fans turned off.

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              I forgot to post.. as i stated in original, its the Ryzen Master program, 1.0.1 but what it was, (i dont remember the person that posted..) the factory bios. it was newer than the one available on the website. so i downgraded the bios to the same version everyone else can use, and the pc is much cooler. still gonna throw that sweet air cooler on it though.

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              Yep, what kxuping said. Are you using pwm fans?