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    Help Overclocking R7 240 Series GPU


      So my GPu is a Radeon r7 200 serioes low budget ?? i guess  , more precisely Placa video ASUS Radeon R7 240 R7240-2GD3-L, 2048MB DDR3, 128bit     this one .



      Now the problem is when i overclock the processor from gpu from 730 basic to 850-860 sometime's it uses i mean i can see hey the gpu actually working at 850 as i clocked it and sometimes shows its only use 730 and im like *** i just overclocked you ..i have to restart every time when he doesn't use the OC settings , and my gpu temp goes to 65-66  now what the hell ...why does it keep reset / or not use the OC settings ...what should i do , whats my gpu max temp he can handle? im pretty tired i can't use the oc settings and those are 5-7 frames....io need it the gpu itself ain't greate


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