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Vega CAD Files

Question asked by d.griffin.x on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by whiskey-foxtrot

So I just built a new Ryzen 7 machine last month (1700 w/ Asus C6H). I decided to continue using my old graphics card until the consumer Vega's come out later in the year. From what I have seen, these will run hot and, in some cases, require liquid cooling. This works out well because I am designing a custom phase-change thermal solution and can fabricate a waterblock for my as-of-yet-unpurchased video card.


However, to start on my end of the project I need a fair amount of detail on the physical specifics of the cards.


My question is: will you (AMD) be willing to release CAD files of your new cards when you finalize the design and release other specs for your new Vega cards? If this is not freely available to the public, do you provide this information to 3rd party manufacturers/contractors?