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    Upgraded To R9 390X - Vulkan Now Crashes


      I upgraded from an R9 380X to an R9 390X a few months ago and my vulkan support seems to have stopped working. Any time I open a program that uses vulkan, that program crashes. I have tried this with DOOM, The Talos Principle, and a simple unity build using vulkan. I had no problems with these on my 380X. I have tried reinstalling the driver, but that did not work.


      Does anyone have an idea of what happened/how to fix it?


      For reference, I am using:


      32 GB ram

      Win10 build 15063.413

      Radeon driver ReLive edition 17.4.4 (I have also tried 17.6.2)


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          What method did you use to uninstall the AMD drivers?  If only by using Windows Control Panel- Uninstall, then you should also use afterwards DDU (latest version) in safe mode to completely eliminate all traces of the old AMD drivers (registry, folders, files ,etc). As Kingfisher has mentioned numerous times in the past, Be absolutely sure your current Windows OS is completely up to date. In other words, when you click Windows Update, it comes back saying your windows is up to date.

          The Newer Graphics card update you made doesn't seemed to be that huge of a difference from the older card. Should have worked the same as the older card without problems.


          After uninstalling AMD driver package, Check Windows Control Panel - Uninstall, and see if all AMD related software has been uninstalled including Vulkan. Before reinstalling the AMD Driver package, go to Device Manager, and check to see that your display driver is the MS Basic Display Adapter and not another AMD radeon driver. This will let you know that all AMD display drivers have been deleted. Then try reinstalling your AMD Driver Package again and see what results you get.

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              I uninstalled everything and used DDU in safe mode and confirmed that the display driver was the Basic Display Adapter. I then downloaded the latest driver from AMD but the issue keeps happening. I checked windows update and my system is fully up to date. I'm not sure what the problem is because I have a clean install now. I noticed that after my fresh install, my monitor shows up as a Generic PnP Monitor rather than the correct model number which was shown before.

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                  I wouldn't worry about the generic monitor driver in Device Manager. You can always update it to your Monitor's own driver. Okay, One of the moderator's is going to have to answer your question. This seems to be a issue with your specific AMD GPU card and AMD drivers.

                  By the way, who is the manufacturer of your R9 390X? Maybe you might try to download their customized AMD drivers from their Website and installing it and see if it make any difference. If not, like I mentioned above, one of the moderators who are aware of the technical aspects of your AMD card needs to help you on this.

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                Have you tried verify integrity of game files on steam, tried changing Doom to GL/restart/change back to vulkan/restart game.

                Is Vulkan RTL listed in Prog. & Feat..

                Do you have win10 device driver updates blocked and auto update stopped/modified.

                I have a 390 on w10 (build 1607), no prob.with vulkan(Doom).

                Guess you have a quality/capable psu. New/used 390, make/model, OC'd.

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                    Doom works perfectly in OpenGL but when I switch it to Vulkan it refuses to open and instead displays the crash report window. I use the DOOMConfig.local file to change the API setting because I cant even get in to the game when its set to Vulkan.

                    Vulkan RTL does show up in my programs and features and I'm pretty sure that the driver auto update settings are default.

                    My PSU is a 650w, so under the recommended, but it is high quality and my system is stable under full GPU and CPU load.

                    The 390x is an XFX double dissipation Tri-X OC. It is used, my friend upgraded and gave it to me, but I think it was not treated very well. The HDMI port is broken and there was some soda on it (which I of course cleaned) but I'm pretty sure it's a software issue as it works perfectly in all aspects other than Vulkan. The OC is the default profile, 375 MHz idle and 1060 MHz under full load.

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                        I also agree with you that it doesn't sound like a hardware failure or failing. But you can always run OCCT and have it check for overheating and GPU errors just to remove any doubts that it isn't  a hardware failure. It won't hurt to try and it takes about a hour to get a accurate test results. Watch tv while it is running  (-:

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                          I installed Talos today, ran it 90 mins. with vulkan beta, no crashes, on 17.6.2.

                          So not sure where your problem lies.

                          Any errors/warnings in event viewer and/or windows reliability monitor history around the times of fails.

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                              I opened Doom and checked the event log and reliability monitor but there was nothing there. However, the crash dump in the save games folder contained some information, I attached the callstack, register info and exception info:


                              Callstack Function(desc)              Line     Bytes  File       Process      Address

                              ---------------------------           ----     -----  ----       -------      -------

                              vkWaitForFences()                     ...      +      0xc5c4b65f vulkan-1.dll

                              GetGameSystemInterface()              ...      +      0x5a7537d5 DOOMx64vk.exe

                              GetGameSystemInterface()              ...      +      0x5a75fab4 DOOMx64vk.exe

                              GetGameSystemInterface()              ...      +      0x5a75a971 DOOMx64vk.exe

                              GetGameSystemInterface()              ...      +      0x5afe9bb7 DOOMx64vk.exe

                              ** UNKNOWN **(** FUNC_PARAM_ERROR **) ...      +      0x59b67891 DOOMx64vk.exe

                              GetGameSystemInterface()              ...      +      0x5b2b472c DOOMx64vk.exe

                              BaseThreadInitThunk()                 ...      +      0x0b252774 KERNEL32.DLL

                              RtlUserThreadStart()                  ...      +      0x0dca0d61 ntdll.dll


                              Register Info


                              EDI:    0x000000000852D310 ESI: 0x0000000000000000 EAX: 0x00000000034C8AD0

                              EBX:    0x00000000094F6320 ECX: 0x000000000EB446A0 EDX: 0x0000000000000001

                              EIP:    0x00007FFEC5C4B65F EBP: 0x00000000071263F0 SegCs: 0x0000000000000033

                              EFlags: 0x0000000000010202 ESP: 0x00000000071262C0 SegSs: 0x000000000000002B


                              Exception Info


                              ExpCode: 0xC0000005 (Access Violation)

                              ExpFlags: 0

                              ExpAddress: 0x00007FFEC5C4B65F


                              I see that there was an access violation exception so maybe the libraries aren't installed correctly?

                              I'm going out of town so I wont be able to do any tests on my computer for about 2 days. Thanks for all of everyone's help!

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                                I just did a test running The Talos Principle with Vulkan and it worked perfectly! Very strange considering the only thing I did was replace the thermal paste on my GPU due to extremely high temps (>90C). However, Doom still refuses to work with Vulkan.