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    HD4800 Series Crashing After Reinstalling Catalyst Drivers




      Yesterday I had to reinstall Catalyst, and after I did, my PC crashes when I play a "heavy" game for a few minutes. Howewer it doesn't crash when I play "weak" games. The Catalyst version is same as before I reinstalled it (version 13.9). I don't think the problem comes from my PSU because I never had this problem with this PSU. I also don't think it comes from overheating because my GPU temperature doesn't go higher than before I reinstalled Catalyst.


      GPU : ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series

      Desktop PC running on Windows 7 64 bits

      Driver installed : Catalyst 13.9

      Display device : Viewsonic VP201b connected with a DVI cable.

      CPU : Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600

      PSU : 475W

      RAM : 4GB


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          When you mentioned that your PC "crashes" when playing High-end games, How does it crash? Screen goes black, freezes, weird lines on screen, etc.  I use a diagnostic program called OCCT. It stress tests CPU, GPU, and PSU components of the computer for overheating problems and errors. It also shows all outputs from PSU. It doesn't sound like a hardware problem but at least you can rule it out by running OCCT.


          When you reinstalled Catalyst, did you uninstall it first using Windows Control Panel and then DDU (latest version) in safe mode? Others have mentioned you should have your Windows completely up to date through Windows Update.


          Since your HD 4800 is a legacy card (not supported by AMD) it is best if one of the moderators helps you, since they can direct you in the right direction.

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              OCCT is a really good program. Has a great one button wizard , manual settings don't have to be touched or recommended. Just thought id bum this for OCCT


              Let us know if you crash the same way using OCCT, if not there might be a reasonable explanation. Welcome to commune btw

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                When my PC crashes, the screen turns black, then the monitor displays No Signal, a short moment after the sound stops and I hear my fans going slightly faster.

                When I reinstalled Catalyst, I uninstalled with the Control Panel and not with DDU (I didn't even know what it is, I've just checked on Google). I'm gonna try using OCCT and post the results here, thanks for the advice.

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                    There is a manual AMD cleanup Utility that cleansup and uninstalls all previous and current Catalyst/HydraVision/ older driver versions prior to Radeon on this website found here

                    AMD Clean Uninstall Utility


                    Give that official AMD tool a run , Reboot, and see if you crash before trying to anything yet, after reboot and fully loaded, Restart your computer, get to desktop again then try reinstall.


                    If you have original Driver packages, you may want to install those first , then Upgrade to a newer version when dealing with Catalyst. You can Upgrade with Radeon to newer Radeaons but its not as easy. But cant upgrade from Catalyst to Radeon. Understand ?