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Driver improvement Idea: Eyefinity Bezel Compensator

Question asked by wyrinn on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by ray_m

I hope that AMD reads this forum as i cant seem to submit anything to them  directly (Page refuses to load correctly, multiple browsers.) But this is such a great idea i really wanted to share.



I was resetting up my Eyefinity array (3x Curved Samsung monitors) and adjusting the bezel correction. I've always found this to be a tedious in and out task. But I had a epiphany as I was setting it up. I used to pull up a ruler on screen. Knowing this would not necessarily match a real ruler I used a piece of cardboard and marked out a inch on it based on the image. Then I used the bezel corrector and alt tabbed back and forth to the ruler until those lines matched up. and Viola! perfect correction.


My suggestion seems like it should be really easy to do. Along the bottom of the yellow triangle in the bezel compensator, put a ruler. You can use the triangle part to get a rough, then fine tune it with the ruler part.


Apologies again if I am bothering but it was such a good idea I just wanted to share it.