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Install Drivers AMD Radeon 8870m

Question asked by scorpi on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2017 by kingfish


Unfortunately I do not know English, so I'll write through Google Translate!


I have a Samsung Ativ Book 8 NP870z5e-x01 (Intel Graphics 4000; AMD Radeon HD8870m; 8GB RAM)

Reinstalled the new Window 7 (64 bit).


After installing the video driver amd radeon 8870m, the computer does not turn on. Different versions of drivers behave differently. I.e:

1. I start installing the driver, reboot and then a surprise.

2. The PC does not start up. Error versions:

     - blue screen

     - recovery after an error in windows

     - hangs on loading windows

3. Sometimes it is possible to run through the "last successful configuration" or through the "safe mode".

4. After a little effort, when it turns out to run windows, I delete the driver amd radeon 8870m.

It's only then that the PC starts up without any effort and without a driver.

PS: Prompt please the decision of a problem.