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    Ryzen 5 1600 default cpu core voltage ? (Temperatures issue)


      Hi. Recently I build a new PC with the ryzen 5 1600 cpu. I had issues with temperatures being high even while idle. While I was streaming some Rocket League, the highest shown on HWMonitor was 95 oC. I was considering changing my cooler, becouse I'm using the stock cooler that came with the cpu. Yesterday I noticed something odd though. While in BIOS, I had my cpu core voltage set to [Auto] and it was defined on 1,456 V. I checked it also in Windows with HWMonitor and it also shown the same value... I watched a few videos of people overcklocking this cpu's and even then they didn't go as high with the cpu core voltage. Their start point was around 1,200 V, and to overclock it they went to around 1,395 V to get 4,0 Ghz. I tried changing this value and decreased it to 1,385 V, and got cpu frequency at 3,7 Ghz. I tried streaming and multitasking while playing Battlefield 1 and temperatures went down by a lot.

      Now then I ask for your advice guys. 1. Is it possible that my cpu is supposed to run at that high voltage ? I mean is it possible that it will break if I dump the core voltage too much ? I heard that AMD recommends those cpu's not to run at voltages higher than 1,4 V. When I was changing this value in BIOS, the first step was to get it to 1,4 V from 1,456 V. When I entered 1,4 V it was highlighted by red font. Setting values lower than 1,4 V was getting white font. I don't quite know what to do now.

      1. Did anyone had similar problems ?
      2. Are there any default values that I could check ? I mean now pc runs smoothly and without problems but I worry that it might damage it on the long term. I've read someones post on similar problem and he went from 1,425 V to the levels of 1,250 V.
      3. Is there a possibility that the BIOS update made this happen ?
      4. Is there a possibility that the next update will get it right ? Agesa update from what I've heard will be focusing only on the RAM compatibility issue.
      5. Should I try to contact AMD or MSI (MSI B350M BAZOOKA) and try to figure it out this way ?
      6. Are there any free programs that I can use to stress test my current settings ?

      What would you guys recommend me to do now... Stay at those settings ? Or setting it again to default values ? I don't want to break it. Never meant to overclock it, but if I need to run it at this high voltages, I might as well try to set the cores to 4,0 Ghz and try it out. Can this be considered as UNDERVOLTING ? if yes do I need to lower any other things (values) in order to get a stable system ?

      Sorry about a messy post but I'm out of my mind now. I've read many post and watched many videos in order to get this thing to work properly.

      Please help....

      If you need any other information about the system I will get it here.

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          thats normal. my 1800x on auto ran up too 1.56v and 4.1ghz before stabilized the system. it over volts on auto to keep from crashing. so just set cpu to 1.4v and 3.9ghz and let it there your fine. i dont know what ram you have or anything we need all specs to help more. in the mean time also set  SOC voltage to 1.15 for now. and turn off turbo or boost on cpu so it stays at 3.9ghz. im not sure if b350 board will hit 3.9ghz or not it may.


          download aida64 . its has everything literally you need. but i wouldnt stress test until you get entire mobo stable. post back with info. lots of infoooo.....also get the RYZEN Master download to make sure correct temps..off amd site.

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              PC specs:

              MSI B350M BAZOOKA

              Ryzen 5 1600 (Stock cooler)

              2x 4 GB Kingston HyperX Predator 3000 Mhz

              MSI Radeon RX 580 GAMING X + 8 GB

              SSD 240 GB ADATA

              HDD Samsung 1 TB

              2 monitors: 24 and 19 inch

              Case: Silentium PC RG2W

              PSU: 600 W (can't remember the producer at this moment - will update later today)


              As i first launched it, I installed windows, and flashed BIOS to the newest version on that time. Everything went smooth. Later I activated XMP profile and succesfully ran RAM at 2933 Mhz. Left everything else as it was. Never meant to overclock and wouldn't even notice the high voltages becouse I never did any overclocking if it weren't for high temperatures.... I checked temps while heavy load (streaming games + multiple chrome tabs opened + voice coms + obs) and with multiple different programs to exclude the possibility of wrong readings. And compared the temps shown in programs with the ones shown in BIOS (Programs running on idle windows) and they were similar. While streaming the temps were around 85-90 degrees and the highest recorded in HWMonitor was 95 degrees.


              Case have 3 fans (12 mm I think ? ) 2 front 1 back. Cpu fan was running at smart program with levels set, while 3 system fans had on set value of around 7 V and were running the same all the time.


              Things I changed yesterday:

              Clock speed: 3,4 Ghz -> 3,7 Ghz

              CPU Core Voltage: 1.456 V -> 1.385 V (slowly point by point, reseting again and again and trying it while streaming),

              Cool'n Quiet -> Disabled,

              Core Performance Boost -> Disabled,

              Game Boost -> Disabled,

              Set all fans to smart fan function and adjusted them accordingly.



              Temperatures Idle Before: 50 - 55 Degree Celsius,

              Temperatures Idle Now: 39 - 42 Degree Celsius,


              Temperatures Load Before: 80-92 Degree Celsius

              Temperatures Load Now: 70-80 Degree Celsius


              And now main questions:

              1. Could the XMP Profile setting made this voltage that high ?

              2. Isn't 1,4 V Too high for a long term use ?

              3. I do not care so much about the clocks. Can I consider 3,7 or 3,8 Ghz a safe clock setting ?

              4. Getting voltages to 1,35 V can damage the cpu ? ( I have some reccomendations from other people on reddit to set it at that level)

              5. AIDA64 isn't free to use, any other programs ?

              6. Whats better thing to do in my situation. Reset BIOS to default values leaving the core voltage on 1.456 V and invest in better cooling, or lower the core voltage even more than it is now, or maybe leave it at 1.385 V and try to set clocks to 3.9 Ghz as a normal overclocker of ryzen cpu would do ?

              7. Is it possible that AGESA update will fix this ?

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              1.4 is fine 1.438 is standard for 4.1ghz which you wont get on that. if your scared 1.385 may be enough for 3.8. but your fine its is standard oc volts. i am surprised you got 2933 with xmp lol on those sticks. make sure  the SOC voltage is more like 1.17  or 1.187 to stable ram controller. 75c is common on 100% load stress test and ok but 80c starting to get up there  90 very bad. aida64 is free, just couple thing not usable, i just upgraded my free version.

              sounds like you like to have alot of things running open. so i would stick with atleast 1.385v on cpu and 3.8ghz. bump up ram voltage .05v on those sticks to keep them stable.

              the smart fan function kinda suks. the idea is keep fan up before its hot. better heat control. work on that.


              i dont have that mobo but you will need some voltage boost for when it has a hard pull on it. so set what i have there and while you check other settings out. see if a b350 pro  helps out but your ok for now. 

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                i run asus x370 with alot more settings so dont worry about stress test until we get boost voltage set because auto will jump it up higher and create heat. once we set that it will run cooler yet. it should be in advanced settings cpu voltage level extreme or level 3 and 130% pretty much same setting for ram if you find it in advanced settings.

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                  soc is basically the same thing as am3 boards cpu/nb which runs the IMC on the die to handle the communication of the ram back and forth from cpu to ram through nb.. its soc now and completly lower voltage.

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                    wow you have the slowest cpu fans i ever seen. not sure why your ram is set with wierd voltage. fix it. is your soc still 1.048? fix it.

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                      please download this ... as requested. you do know about the 20c offset right? AMD Ryzen™ Master Utility for Overclocking Control | AMD

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                        yea ryzen master will verify temp and once fans are correct you be lookin good. actually not to bad now