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Ryzen 5 1600 default cpu core voltage ? (Temperatures issue)

Question asked by nishtec on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by rebelyell

Hi. Recently I build a new PC with the ryzen 5 1600 cpu. I had issues with temperatures being high even while idle. While I was streaming some Rocket League, the highest shown on HWMonitor was 95 oC. I was considering changing my cooler, becouse I'm using the stock cooler that came with the cpu. Yesterday I noticed something odd though. While in BIOS, I had my cpu core voltage set to [Auto] and it was defined on 1,456 V. I checked it also in Windows with HWMonitor and it also shown the same value... I watched a few videos of people overcklocking this cpu's and even then they didn't go as high with the cpu core voltage. Their start point was around 1,200 V, and to overclock it they went to around 1,395 V to get 4,0 Ghz. I tried changing this value and decreased it to 1,385 V, and got cpu frequency at 3,7 Ghz. I tried streaming and multitasking while playing Battlefield 1 and temperatures went down by a lot.

Now then I ask for your advice guys. 1. Is it possible that my cpu is supposed to run at that high voltage ? I mean is it possible that it will break if I dump the core voltage too much ? I heard that AMD recommends those cpu's not to run at voltages higher than 1,4 V. When I was changing this value in BIOS, the first step was to get it to 1,4 V from 1,456 V. When I entered 1,4 V it was highlighted by red font. Setting values lower than 1,4 V was getting white font. I don't quite know what to do now.

  1. Did anyone had similar problems ?
  2. Are there any default values that I could check ? I mean now pc runs smoothly and without problems but I worry that it might damage it on the long term. I've read someones post on similar problem and he went from 1,425 V to the levels of 1,250 V.
  3. Is there a possibility that the BIOS update made this happen ?
  4. Is there a possibility that the next update will get it right ? Agesa update from what I've heard will be focusing only on the RAM compatibility issue.
  5. Should I try to contact AMD or MSI (MSI B350M BAZOOKA) and try to figure it out this way ?
  6. Are there any free programs that I can use to stress test my current settings ?

What would you guys recommend me to do now... Stay at those settings ? Or setting it again to default values ? I don't want to break it. Never meant to overclock it, but if I need to run it at this high voltages, I might as well try to set the cores to 4,0 Ghz and try it out. Can this be considered as UNDERVOLTING ? if yes do I need to lower any other things (values) in order to get a stable system ?

Sorry about a messy post but I'm out of my mind now. I've read many post and watched many videos in order to get this thing to work properly.

Please help....

If you need any other information about the system I will get it here.