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    AMD will produce more rx 400 and 500 series?


      After the latest news that the BTC and Etherum coins are up, amd's video cards simply disappeared from the market, causing all stocks to be emptied! And so far I do not see any communication from the company with regard to putting all your inventory back in stores. Does anyone have any information on this? People like me who do not have some sort of unhealthy craving for mining just want to play their games!

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          The 400 series was discontinued when the 500 series was released, as the 500 series is basically a straight rebrand of the 400 series. The fab is churning out the GPUs as fast as they can, and AMD is shipping them off to the board partners as fast as they can, but the OEM market takes their cut first, and what's left is split between so many sources they can only trickle in and are grabbed up so quickly at the inflated prices by miners because of the current prices of Etherum. The "good" news is that miners are starting to grab the nVidia GTX 1060 (and 1070 to an extent) due to shortage in supply and the fact nVidia is preparing special mining edition drivers, which is both causing their prices to blow up (+$60 in 4 days) and also to reduce demand of the RX 500 series. Another bit of good news is that consumer level Vega cards are about a month away so AMD will have proper gamer cards.